Rent a motorcycle in Madrid

Madrid has a central location in Spain, so it is a very convenient starting point to start a trip in Spain by motorcycle. There are different reasons to rent a motorcycle: test it before buying it, a trip as a couple, a getaway with your friends, discovering a new model of motorcycle, etc.

Spain is one of the best countries to travel by motorcycle: for its landscapes, for its roads, for its climate, for its cities, for its good communications, etc.

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Discover Spain by motorcycle

From Madrid it is easy to plan attractive routes to the main areas of Spain to travel by motorcycle. Thanks to its central position in the territory, you can choose your destination without traveling long distances, in any of the four cardinal points.

To the north, the Cantabria coast from the Basque Country to Galicia is full of points of interest. To the south, Andalusia has a temperate climate, which makes it a popular destination at any time of the year.

The Mediterranean coast and Extremadura, to the east and west respectively, are two other attractive alternatives within reasonable distance. 

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