Rent a motorcycle in Mallorca

At first impression, it may seem that the fact that Mallorca is an island becomes a limiting factor to make a motorcycle trip. But the reality is quite different: the island is full of mountain roads that will be enjoyed intensely with the motorcycle and there are many corners to reach and discover them: hidden coves, inland villages where time has stopped, etc.

A getaway in Mallorca can be a good reason to rent a motorcycle and try it before buying it.

Take advantage of Rent Wing Riders to rent your favorite motorcycle in Mallorca. 

Discover the island of Mallorca by motorcycle

The Balearic Islands have a nice temperate climate, which makes them ideal for enjoying a rented motorcycle at any time of the year.

Mallorca has a world-class tourist infrastructure that makes any motorcycle trip around the island much easier. Looking at the map of Mallorca is to start discovering roads and points of interest that you will not be able to miss. 

Affiliated dealer: Mallorca Motos

Pick up your motorcycle at the Honda dealership that is part of the Rent Wing Riders program in Mallorca: Mallorca Motos Gremi des Fusters, 29, 07009 Palma, Illes Balears