Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ´s

How does the retention of the deposit on the credit card work?
This is a common procedure in vehicle rentals.

At the moment the motorcycle is delivered to the customer, the amount stipulated as a guarantee is blocked on the credit card. The blocking does not imply any payment, but it must be taken into account because it limits the credit available on the credit card used.

Upon return of the motorcycle, the amount is released immediately if there is no damage to the motorcycle. In case of any damage, the damages will be valued according to the criteria explained at the time of rental, deducting that amount from the blocked amount.

What are the accepted payment methods?
The rental of the motorcycles can be paid in several ways:

-Bank transfer to the current account number of PauTravelMoto (company that manages Rent Wing Riders), both for the first payment of 30%, and for the second payment, if it is made with enough days in advance to receive it in our bank account.

-Credit and debit cards. You can pay by credit card from the bank gateway on our website. In addition, the bank credit or debit card is also used to block the excess during the rental of the motorcycle.

It is important to make sure with the bank that the daily operating and amount limits are sufficient for the payments and the deposit. The cards accepted for payment are VISA, MASTERCARD (MAESTRO) and AMERICAN EXPRESS.

What is the minimum personal equipment for motorcycle riding?
The law only requires the use of helmets.

But common sense obliges to go beyond the legal minimums and it is recommended to use the minimum equipment of jacket, gloves, pants and boots are essential to minimize the damages in any accident.

The basic minimum equipment is a jacket that protects against cold and abrasions, sport gloves and high-top shoes.

Why do you ask about motorcycle experience when making a reservation?
Motorcycles have a certain degree of risk, which requires an experience curve to ride them safely.

Motorcycles prepared for travel are usually large motorcycles that carry panniers and additional weight that requires previous experience to handle them safely. On a trip you face varied circumstances, and experience is necessary for riding in the rain, on narrow roads, in case of strong wind gusts or on a trip in high temperatures.

In addition to the safety of the renters themselves, we love our motorcycles, and we appreciate that the renters know how to take care of them and love them as much as we do.

Which countries can I travel to with a rented motorcycle?
With the standard rental of our motorcycles, you can travel freely in European Union countries, Schengen Treaty countries and other countries assimilated in Europe such as Andorra, Monaco, Liechtenstein, United Kingdom or San Marino.
Is it necessary to explain the travel plan before the rental?
It is not necessary to have a specific travel plan to rent the motorcycles. But we do appreciate it when customers explain the trips they have in mind. In fact, it is always advisable to listen to opinions and experiences in the destinations you are going to. Our experience is extensive and we can advise you, recommend routes and points of interest in the motorcycle trip you are about to make.
Is it possible to return the motorcycle to a Honda dealer other than the one where the lease began?
It is possible to return the motorcycle to a different dealer participating in the rental program, with an additional charge.

On this website you can see the dealers adhered to the Rent Wing Riders Program.

What to do in case of an accident?
When picking up the rented motorcycle, the client is given a folder with the motorcycle’s documentation.

In it you will find the phone number of the roadside assistance insurance to call in case of an incident during the trip, as well as to notify PauTravelMoto as soon as possible.